RESOURCE: #DLFteach Toolkit

Edited by Erin Pappas (University of Virginia) and Liz Rodrigues (Grinnell College), the #DLFteach Toolkit is an open access and peer-reviewed collection of lesson plans and concrete instructional strategies. From their website:

This publication emerged from #DLFteach workshops, office hours, Twitter chats, and open meetings. Community members and digital pedagogy practitioners expressed interest in lesson plans and session outlines which they could use as a jumping-off point for their own instruction and adapt for local contexts.

All lessons include learning goals, preparation, and a session outline. Additional materials — including slides, handouts, assessments, and datasets — are hosted in the DLF OSF repository as well as linked from each lesson. Download slides to see notes for presenters, and data that is too large to render in preview. There you will also find markdown versions of each lesson plan for you to use.

The lessons are organized by several categories, including Critical Information Literacy & Digital Publishing, Data & Maps, Project Development & Management, Text Analysis & (En)coding, and Digital Exhibits & Archives. These are tremendous resources for those looking for new approaches to teaching digital scholarship topics and competencies.

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