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Spearheaded by Scott Weingart through a five-year A.W. Mellon Foundation grant, Carnegie Mellon University has created The Digital Humanities Literacy Guidebook, with information on various aspects of Digital Humanities. CMU described the resource as “your slim guidebook into this world, like the tourist map they give you when you check in at a hotel.” Contents include:

  • An overview of Digital Humanities
  • A listing of different kinds of topics in Digital Humanities
  • Videos of Digital Humanities projects
  • Global resources (educational resources, DH community, getting hired, grants & fellowships, and evaluating digital work)
  • Local resources (getting involved, communities and programs, projects, people)

Though geared toward individuals new to the DH community, a lot of interesting material is incorporated, which could be suitable to a variety of users. Because DH is evolving and growing, the creators welcome changes and contributions to this resource via pull requests to the github repository. More details on how to contribute can be found at the file in the github root directory.

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