PROJECT: DH Unplugged

Carleton University’s DIGH5000 graduate class has released DH Unplugged, a collaborative deck-building and storytelling game addressing current issues through critical Digital Humanities. The game, which is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, aims to provide an introduction to the digital humanities by encouraging players to come up with creative combinations of DH tools to solve a variety of problems.

From the game’s overview:

Our objective is to introduce the main concerns of Digital Humanities to those who have so far had minimal engagement with the term, in a way that is both instructive and entertaining and to promote understanding and curiosity of some of the fundamental problems of our time.

DH Unplugged may be of particular interest to librarians or library staff seeking to introduce DH concepts and thinking to those unfamiliar with both DH and technological approaches to the humanities in general, as its lo-fi format and gamification of learning encourage a low-pressure exploration of the digital humanities.