RECOMMENDED: Data Stewardship Week in an Academic Library: An Overview

Caitlin Harrington, Kenneth Haggerty, and Rachel Elizabeth Scott (University of Memphis) have published, “Data Stewardship Week in an Academic Library: An Overview” in College & Research Libraries News, which discusses the creation of a library-wide event called Data Stewardship Week (DSW) at the University of Memphis (UM) Libraries. The event aimed to present best practices for data stewardship to employees in the University of Memphis Libraries, with the goal of helping library staff function more efficiently, become more organized, and respond more coherently to staffing changes and user needs.

From the article’s abstract:

In the information age, data stewardship is crucial for individual and organizational productivity. It is easy to get overwhelmed by vast amounts of information being created every second. Information overload has become a common occurrence in the workplace to the extent that people “spend more time searching for the right information, leaving them less time for proper analyses using the acquired information.” Thus, the excess of information in the workplace can lead to stress, lack of productivity, and information fatigue.