RESOURCE: Charters & Values Statements

DH practitioners, including librarians, are invited to use and contribute to a crowdsourced Charters & Values Statements Google Sheet. This list tracks charters, values statements, pledges, and codes for “DHy, digital or experimental scholarship or profession, [or] GLAM [work].” The document currently lists more than 20 examples, including:

New rows can be added to the bottom of the document (original data rows are not editable). Tweet @Literature_Geek / email with any questions.

dh+lib Review

This post was produced through a cooperation between Tierney Gleason and David Gustavsen (Editors-at-large for the week), Pamella Lach (Editor for the week), and Caitlin Christian-Lamb, Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara, Linsey Ford, and Ian Goodale (dh+lib Review Editors).