POST: Building Digital Content Management Capacity with Library Carpentry

In a post at The Signal,Ā Jesse A. Johnston (Library of Congress) reported on a Library Carpentry event held at the Library of Congress as a follow up to their 2017 Software Carpentry workshop.

The range of experiences, collections responsibilities, and technical know-how made for a lively learning environment, which was perfect for The Carpentries learner-focused approach. About 30 learners actively participated in the two-day workshop. Throughout, we focused on tools for researchers and digital stewards, using lessons and hands-on examples to explore various skills and topics, including regular expressions, metadata cleanup and manipulation with OpenRefine, and a day-long focused session on scripting skills for librarians. Everyone entered the workshop with basic computational experience, and the instructors placed a priority on creating a friendly environment to empower learners.

dh+lib readers considering their own local workshops will appreciate the links to curriculum and resources included in the post.

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