Announcing New Editors-in-Chief at dh+lib

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Melton (Boston College), John Russell (Penn State University), and Patrick Williams (Syracuse University) have signed on as the new Editors-in-Chief of dh+lib.

All three have contributed to the project in various capacities: Sarah as a Review Editor (since 2017), John as editor of the Resources page (since 2015), and Patrick as lead editor of the dh+lib Review (since 2015). The incoming Editors-in-Chief reflect the collaborative spirit of dh+lib, and will work as a team of editors with a collective mission to provide a dedicated venue for librarians, archivists, and information professionals engaged in the digital humanities.

As founding (and now outgoing) editors, who have witnessed our “group blog” blossom into a community of practice, it is a bittersweet exit. We are thrilled to be able to pass the helm to this stellar group of editors, and we look forward to seeing the project grow and develop in new hands. In the meantime, we will remain involved in an advisory role.

Stay tuned for more information on what this editorial transition means for dh+lib, along with new opportunities for participation and community input.

Sarah Potvin is Digital Scholarship Librarian and Associate Professor in the Texas A&M University Libraries.

Roxanne Shirazi is Dissertation Research Librarian and Assistant Professor at The Graduate Center, CUNY.