RESOURCE: Using Palladio to Analyze Historical Migration Patterns

Sarah Zhang (Simon Fraser University) has published a tutorial for using spatial network visualization tool Palladio to analyze migration patterns.  Zhang wrote the tutorial to elucidate details of the visualizations it creates, using a dataset that diverges from those in use in other tutorials.

…when I drilled in the visualization produced by Palladio based off on my data, I found myself perplexed at some deceptively obvious characteristics of the graph, such as the nodes’ size and the connections, and their relationships. Once I tackled these puzzles, I got an entirely new understanding of the graph, which interestingly led to more research questions that can be asked of the graph.

The tutorial provides a deep examination of node size, and makes a recommendation of Miriam Posner’s “Getting Started with Palladio” for new users.

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