RECOMMENDED: Piloting Digital Scholarship with the John W. Kluge Center and LC Labs

In a post at the Library Of Congress’s blog, The Signal, Eileen Jakeway (Library of Congress) reported on a recent collaborative Digital Scholarship pilot with the John W. Kluge Center. Jakeway drew on a variety of tools and resources to design the program based on the needs of “all the fellows, interns and staff in residency at the Kluge Center,” which she collected via survey.

In developing my own skill-sets and reading works by scholars, librarians, educators and developers similarly engaged in the exploration of the “digital” and the world of “scholarship,” a tension emerged between content-specific research and the development of technical skills necessary for the implementation of a “digital project.”

Jakeway goes on to document the pilot project and, in the post, shares links to resources she used and developed along the way. dh+lib Review readers will be interested in the way Jakeway elicited and addressed the actual needs of her pilot group, developed materials to serve them in that context, and the choices she made throughout.

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