PROJECT: Torn Apart / Separados Volume 2

Manan Ahmed (Columbia University, xpMethod), Maira E. Álvarez (University of Houston), Sylvia A. Fernández (University of Houston), Alex Gil (Columbia University, xpMethod), Rachel Hendery (Western Sydney University), Moacir P. de Sá Pereira (xpMethod), and Roopika Risam (Salem State University) have released Volume 2 of Torn Apart / Separados, building on the work in Volume 1, which visualized “the USA’s 2018 ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ for asylum seekers at the US Ports of Entry and the humanitarian crisis that has followed” (and which was subsequently covered by Wired in June).

The latest volume “is a deep and radically new look at the territory and infrastructure of ICE’s financial regime in the USA. This data & visualization intervention peels back layers of culpability behind the humanitarian crisis of 2018.”

A full list of credits, contributors, and associated technologies is available on the Torn Apart / Separados website.


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