EVENT: Deconstructing Digital Scholarship Consultations in the Library (ALA Preconference)

On Friday, June 22, the ALA Digital Scholarship Section is offering an ALA preconference workshop for liaison librarians and functional specialist librarians entitled Deconstructing Digital Scholarship Consultations in the Library. The session’s learning outcomes include:

  • Articulate how digital scholarship fits into higher education and why academic libraries are engaging in digital scholarship
  • Identify similarities and differences between a traditional reference interview and a digital scholarship consultation
  • Identify expertise you already bring to a digital scholarship consultation (e.g., reference interview skills, knowledge of scholarly communication)
  • Articulate basics of project management, including elements of a project plan
  • Build confidence and self-efficacy as digital scholarship consultants

To register, visit the ALA Annual Conference registration materials; preconference code is ACR2.

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