POST: Some thoughts on preprints for NAS Journals Summit

Chris Bourg (MIT) has published a post on the value of preprints and their relationship with journal articles. The post, initially intended as Bourg’s discussion leader remarks for the National Academy of Sciences Journals Summit, details MIT’s perspective on preprints:

…the current Open Access Task Force has as its charge to “lead an Institute-wide discussion of ways in which current MIT open access policies and practices might be updated or revised to further the Institute’s mission of disseminating the fruits of its research and scholarship as widely as possible.” While the Task Force is still in the early stages of developing our recommendations, and vetting them with the full MIT community, many of our discussions focus on the role of preprints. For the MIT faculty on the task force, they see preprints as a way to quickly and openly disseminate research, and they see that as consistent with MIT’s mission and with the goals of scholarly research.

This piece will be useful to anyone interested in the debates over the scholarly communications ecosystem.

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