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Quinn Dombrowski (University of California, Berkeley) and Joan Lippincott (Coalition for Networked Information) have published an article in the Educause Review introducing ways library and IT departments can develop comprehensive support for digital humanities at the campus level. “Moving Ahead with Support for Digital Humanities” summarizes a recent Educause/CNI whitepaper, Building Capacity for Digital Humanities: A Framework for Institutional Planning, which tackles issues ranging from “infrastructure and roles and capabilities,” to conducting an environmental scan.

Meaningful engagement with DH may require service owners to rethink the conditions under which a service can be offered or the kinds of support that they are willing to provide to users who are less familiar with the technology. This can spur discussions of what funding and institutional investment—also addressed in the white paper—looks like from a central IT or library perspective.

The post goes on to discuss ways to get involved on campus, emphasizing that “understanding both the broad DH landscape and the local institutional context is important in developing a plan for support.”

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