OPPORTUNITY: NEH Summer Institute, The Book: Material Histories and Digital Futures

The NEH and¬†Salt Lake Community College seek applicants for their 2018 summer institute, The Book: Material Histories and Digital Futures¬†to “explore¬†how the book‚Äôs evolving material qualities promote and circulate cultural knowledge” and “consider the present moment of the book‚Äôs evolution as a prologue to humanist innovation, as developing technologies, digital and multimodal, offer a host of new forms and distribution channels.” The four-week Institute will take place June 18 to July 13, 2018 at Salt Lake Community College. Each week will feature investigations led by visiting faculty, including Anna Arnar (Minnesota State University Moorhead), Johanna Drucker (UCLA), Nicole Howard (Eastern Oregon University), Mara Mills (New York University), and Jonathan Senchyne (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

NEH Seminars and Institutes are designed primarily for full-time or part-time faculty who teach American undergraduate students. Qualified independent scholars, advanced graduate students, and those employed by museums, libraries, historical societies, and other organizations are also eligible.

Successful applications will receive a stipend to help cover travel, housing and meals throughout the duration of the Seminar or Institute, whether one ($1,200) two ($2,100), three ($2,700), or four ($3,300) weeks.

Applications are due March 1, 2018.

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