POST: On creating tools with intentionality: a #BlackDigArchive recap

Becca Quon (DLF) has published a write-up of her experience attending the Digital Blackness in the Archive symposium for the Digital Library Federation’s website. Quon summarizes the purpose of the symposium, “which brought together DocNow community members to ‘address issues at the intersection of archival practice and the existence of Black people on the web and social media.'”

Quon also provides key takeaways from each panel and considers her own role and practice within the DLF community:

Something I’ve noticed perpetually about the practitioners who work under the DLF umbrella is the motivation to create the community they want to be a part of–something that DLF’s executive director also thinks about often, as she frames thoughtfully in a piece she wrote on building capacity through care, and that I try to bring to my desk everyday, too. Intentionality was a word I heard a lot over the course of the meeting, and it’s one that, I think, should drive the work we all do as information professionals and organizers. Sharing our space at the table, or even stepping back to let others speak, is necessary in order to help us listen (and design, and do) better.

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