POST: Memory Lab Network: An interview with Project Manager Lorena Ramirez-Lopez

Jaime Mears (LoC) has posted an interview with Lorena Ram√≠rez-L√≥pez (the Memory Lab Network) on The Signal, the Library of Congress‚Äô digital stewardship blog. Ram√≠rez-L√≥pez, the Project Manager for the Memory Lab Network, has been hosting weekly FAQ sessions for potential partners interested in applying to the newly formed network. Funded by an Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant and facilitated¬†by DC Public Library (DCPL) in partnership with the Public Library Association, the Memory Lab Network is designed to “create free public access to tools and information on caring for personal digital archives” for public (including rural and tribal) libraries, following the¬†DCPL model.

One point of confusion for potential applicants that Ramírez-López points to is what the definition of digital preservation can include:

The scope is not limited to just digitizing. Born digital stuff can also be a part of the Memory Lab’s scope, such as supporting patrons downloading photos from their phone, and learning about best practices for taking care of their digital files such as organization and selection.

Applications are due December 15, 2017.

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