POST: Social Networks and Archival Context (SNAC), Phase II

The University of Virginia has announced the second phase of the Social Networks and Archival Context cooperative program, funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, in a post on the U.S. National Archives Blog.

Known as SNAC, the program began in 2010 with funding from the NEH and aimed to “explore the feasibility of extracting the data in the record descriptions that describes the people who created or are documented in the records.” This work included the development of a prototype research tool that links context notes for people, families, or organizations with archival collections and related resources and entities.

Phase II will focus on social and technological enhancements, and includes “developing cooperative ingest tools that will enable data contributing institution to collaborate in refining and ingesting data into SNAC, and in return to receive persistent identifiers to enhance their descriptive data.”

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