RECOMMENDED: Computation in Conversation

Shawn Averkamp (New York Public Library) gave a presentation, “Computation in Conversation,” at a Library of Congress event hosted by NDSR resident Charlotte Kostelic (@chuckkostelic). As part of the residency, the NDSR fellows each organize an educational event, and Averkamp discussed metadata enrichment of digital collections.

From her slide notes:

I want to talk today about some of the current work happening around collections as data and some of the challenges that are holding us back from a collections as data revolution, but I really want to focus on how we as data producers can build better relationships and start productive conversations around our own libraries and how being more inclusive about who we invite into our data design and publishing processes can help us generate more usable datasets and further creative and responsible data reuse by our patrons and staff alike.

Averkamp’s talk will be of interest to those looking for examples of librarians implementing the IMLS-funded Collections As Data project.

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