POST: ADHO Announces Reactivation of the Linked Open Data SIG

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) has announced the reactivation of the Linked Open Data Special Interest Group (SIG):

The mission of the ADHO LOD SIG is to bridge between the DH community and the semantic web community, encouraging and facilitating the interconnection and interoperability of open online Humanities resources by raising awareness of new developments (both content and technology) and discussing and developing best practices. The SIG encourages membership from all fields and all regions of the globe. A website, Twitter account and listserv for the LOD SIG have been created to encourage and facilitate communication among members. If you are interested in linked open data, please join the SIG by signing up for the listserv.

The LOD SIG joins five other special interest groups sponsored by ADHO: Digital Literary Stylistics (DLS), Audiovisual Data in Digital Humanities (AVinDH), Global Outlook::Digital Humanities (GO::DH), GeoHumanities, and Libraries and Digital Humanities.

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