RESOURCE: We Mapped It So You Don’t Have To: Comparing Online Data Mapping Platforms

Emily McGinn and Meagan Duever (both at University of Georgia) have published an article reviewing online data mapping platforms in the latest issue of College & Research Libraries News.

We looked at the types of data each program can input, the features to display the data, and any analytics that can be performed. These are the things that faculty request most often. We are also looking for a program that can create a web-accessible map and, ideally, can offer student-level access for classroom use.

Each of the tools that we will discuss here (Google Fusion Tables, Carto, ArcGIS and its online component ArcOnline, and Neatline with Omeka) can do most of these things, but each one also has a limit. This article will help illustrate what gets left out in each program and the extent of each one’s capabilities. We will discuss these tools in order from easiest to most complex.

McGinn, Emily, and Duever, Meagan. “We mapped it so you don’t have to: Comparing online data mapping platformsCollege & Research Libraries News, Volume 78 Number 9 (6 October 2017)

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