JOB: Digital Scholarship Strategist, Ball State University

From the announcement:

The Digital Scholarship Strategist at Ball State University Libraries is vital member of the Digital Scholarship and Special Collections unit of University Libraries, providing innovative leadership to support digital scholarship and research on campus. The Strategist will play a crucial role in advancing the work of the Ball State University Digital Scholarship Lab (, launched in 2016 to support research at Ball State University by hosting education programming, providing grant support, and developing collaborative partnerships between scholars, librarians, and technologists to create original works of digital scholarship. Additionally, the Strategist will work independently to advance scholarly inquiry and develop digital scholarship literacy through campus outreach, providing new and emerging services that support undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research and learning.

Provide collaborative leadership to support digital scholarship on the campus of Ball State University, working with faculty in planning and developing innovative research and publishing using digital tools; provide project management and direction, recommend digital tools and platforms, and engage in campus outreach and instruction to support the creation of impactful, effective, and sustainable digital scholarship created by Digital Scholarship Lab fellows and University scholars.

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