CFP: DH2018 – Bridges/Puentes, Mexico City

The organizers of Digital Humanities 2018 (DH2018), the annual international conference hosted by the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, have issued a call for papers (available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German). The conference will be held June 26-29, 2018 at the Maria Isabel Sheraton Hotel in Mexico City, Mexico, with the theme of Bridges/Puentes:

This is the first time that the annual conference will be officially bilingual in Spanish and English, which aligns with the efforts at DH2017, the first English and French bilingual conference, and will benefit accessibility for local scholars and attendees. The theme of “Bridges/Puentes” underscores the conference’s commitment to making our organization more global and diverse.

Possible topics include:

  • Humanities research enabled through digital media, artificial intelligence or machine learning, software studies, mapping and geographic information systems, or information design and modeling;
  • Social, institutional, global, gender, multilingual, and multicultural aspects of digital humanities including digital feminisms, digital indigenous studies, digital cultural and ethnic studies, digital black studies, digital queer studies;
  • Theoretical, epistemological, historical, or related aspects and interpretations of digital humanities practice and theory;
  • Computer applications in literary, linguistic, cultural, archaeological, and historical studies, including public humanities and interdisciplinary aspects of modern scholarship;
  • Computational textual studies, including quantitative stylistics, stylometry, authorship attribution, text mining, etc.;
  • Digital arts, architecture, music, film, theatre, new media, digital games, and electronic literature;
  • Emerging technologies such as physical computing, single-board computers, minimal computing, wearable devices, and haptic technologies applied to humanities research;
  • Digital cultural studies, hacker culture, networked communities, digital divides, digital activism, open/libre networks and software, etc.;
  • Digital humanities in pedagogy and academic curricula;
  • Critical infrastructure studies, media archaeology, eco-criticism, etc., as they intersect with the digital humanities; and
  • Any other theme pertaining to the digital humanities.

The deadline for papers, posters, and panel submissions is 27 November 2017, and the deadline for workshops and tutorials is 16 February 2018.