CFP: DH Pedagogy and Praxis Roundtable (DH2018)

The Praxis Network, a loosely affiliated group of institutions using digital humanities to “rethink the nature of student training, campus partnerships, and pedagogy,” has issued a call for proposals for a DH Pedagogy and Praxis Roundtable, to be held at Digital Humanities 2018 (June 26–29, Mexico City).

Possible topics include:

  • What is the state of digital humanities education today, at the undergraduate or graduate level?
  • What changes does digital humanities pedagogy propose to undergraduate or graduate training and professionalization?
  • What can innovative models for digital humanities pedagogy at the undergraduate level teach us?
  • If a graduate of a Praxis Network program or a like-minded institution, what was your experience like?
  • How have the Praxis Network programs changed in the past five years? What worked? What did not?
  • Why praxis as an approach to pedagogy? Why not?
  • What other models exist for student training that we can surface?
  • What might collaborations look like among like-minded programs that center praxis?

Proposals are due October 1st.

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