RESOURCE: Syllabus: Women and gender non-conforming people writing about tech

Sarah Myers West (University of Southern California) and Jillian C. York (Electronic Frontier Foundation) have created and invited contributions to a syllabus of “Women and gender non-conforming people writing about tech.” Their work was inspired by Siva Vaidhyanathan’s (University of Virginia)¬†twitter thread¬†and¬†Gabriella Coleman’s (McGill University)¬†letter in response¬†to a recent Los Angeles Review of Books digital edition about technology¬†featuring only one chapter by a woman. From West and York’s syllabus:

The Twitter thread quickly brought forth more than 300 names of women and gender non-conforming scholars, researchers, activists, writers, and speakers, around half of whom have published books or book chapters. We ventured to create a list of all of the books published by individuals on this Twitter list, to demonstrate that not only are there many qualified women and gender non-conforming scholars, but that their work is indeed visible!

We recognize, of course, that many of the individuals on this list have created notable works that are not in book form (and that we may have missed some books). We also know that there are many others doing important work that we have missed on this list. We are only two people, but we encourage you to add links to books, articles and other works…oh, and feel free to #SuggestAScholar.

Readers can also volunteer to help edit and organize the syllabus.

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