RESOURCE: The JavaScripting English Major

Moacir P. de Sá Pereira (New York University) has released The JavaScripting English Major, a fifteen-session course aimed at helping humanities students to code projects in JavaScript. The course, built in support of de Sá Pereira’s Digital Literary Studies: Novel Maps of New York class, presents a series of lessons covering both the conceptual and the technical skills necessary for building a mapping-related digital project. The list of modules is as follows:

0. Introduction & FAQs
1. Setting up the Environment
2. JavaScript Calculator
3. Programming
4. Functions
5. Collections of Information
6. Abstraction
7. Oops!
8. Writing a Webpage
9. Building a Dataset
10. Leaflet
11. Starting a Geographical Data Project
12. Writing Content with Markdown
13. Bootstrap Layout and Content
14. Integrating Leaflet with Events
15. Time to Go Live

dh+lib readers will be interested in both the content of this course and the pedagogical example it presents for specific, bounded instruction tied to particular genre of digital project.

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