RESOURCE: Public Libraries as Publishers: Critical Opportunity

The Idealis has featured an article by Kathryn M. Conrad (University of Arizona Press) in the Journal of Electronic Publishing, “Public Libraries as Publishers: Critical Opportunity.” The paper examines how public libraries can engage their communities by offering publishing services.

From the abstract:

Libraries have a long and distinguished history of publishing, since their earliest days. Traditionally libraries published to expose their collections through bibliographies, facsimiles, and catalogs. While the Internet has made discovery and dissemination of library holdings easier than ever before, digital publishing technologies have also unlocked compelling new purposes for library publishing, including through Open Access publishing initiatives. The self-publishing explosion and availability of self-publishing tools and services geared to libraries have heralded new opportunities for libraries, especially public libraries, to engage their communities in new ways. By supporting self-publishing initiative in their communities, public libraries can promote standards of quality in self-publishing, provide unique opportunities to engage underserved populations, and become true archives of their communities.

The full article is openly available:

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