CFP: PMLA Varieties of Digital Humanities

Publications of the Modern Language Association has a released a call for submissions for its upcoming special topic issue, “Varieties of Digital Humanities,” coordinated by Alison Booth (University of Virginia) and Miriam Posner (University of California, Los Angeles).

From the call:

Digital humanities (DH) may not be a full-fledged discipline, but it has advanced beyond ā€œthe next big thingā€ to become a reality on many campuses. Like many fields that have received a great deal of attention, DH derives energy from internal combustion and external frictionā€”dissenters, supporters, and detractors see different sides of what may after all be too large a variety of practice to cohere as a field in the future. This moment, then, seems a good time to ask, What is next for DH? And what can we learn from what has come before?

PMLA invites essays that will help assess the past of DH, outline its current state, and point to its future directions among diverse participants, allies, and critics.

The deadline for submission is March 12th, 2018.

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