Welcome, Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara and Sarah Melton, our new Review editors!

We are pleased to welcome Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara and Sarah Melton to the dh+lib editorial team. Both will be serving as editors for the dh+lib Review.

Caitlin Christian-Lamb, Roxanne Shirazi, and Patrick Williams will continue to serve as Review editors, bringing our rotating team of editors for the weekly publication to five.

Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at University of Colorado Boulder, where she teaches digital research methods and supports digital scholarship projects and open scholarship practices. Her research interests include approaches to incentivizing open access, representation in digital humanities, and intersections of early modern history of crime, medicine, and eschatology. She holds an MLS from Indiana University and an MA in History from California State University, Fullerton. She has long served as an Editor-At-Large for the Review.

Sarah Melton is Head of Digital Scholarship at Boston College. Her group explores and documents new tools and supports teaching and research in a variety of areas that utilize broad methodologies in the digital humanities. She is interested in questions of digital infrastructure, the philosophical underpinnings of “openness,” and the intersection of public history and digital humanities. She has worked with Open Access Button for the past several years. Sarah holds a PhD from Emory University’s Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts.

Sarah and Nickoal help us to fill the vacancy left by former editor Caro Pinto, who worked on the Review for the past four years.  We are incredibly fortunate to bring such exceptionally talented individuals to help guide and grow the dh+lib project. Stay tuned for further announcements about our future plans!

Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams is Associate Librarian for Literature, Rhetoric, and Digital Humanities in the Syracuse University Libraries. He received his MSIS and PhD in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. He is the editor of the poetry journal Really System.