POST: High-powered computing: It’s not just for astrophysics anymore

Compute Canada / Calcul Canada has published,”High-powered computing: It’s not just for astrophysics anymore,” a post reflecting on the use and application of the Voyant tool. The post includes quotations from  scholars using Voyant in their research, including Diane Jakacki (Bucknell University) and Susan Brown (University of Guelph; University of Alberta).

200,000 unique visitors a year navigate to Voyant, a free, web-based tool developed by Compute Canada for text analysis. As Stefan Sinclair (McGill University), co-creator of Voyant, notes in the post: “‘Voyant has been on Compute Canada’s server for nearly 10 years, so it’s almost like it normalizes high-powered computing in ways that people don’t realize … It’s part of infrastructure that’s operating on a advance computing cloud.'”


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