RESOURCE: Endangered Accountability: A DLF-Sponsored Webinar on FOIA, Government Data + Transparency

The audio and slides from the Digital Library Federation’s #EndangeredData week webinar are now available. “Endangered Accountability: A DLF-Sponsored Webinar on FOIA, Government Data, and Transparency” marked the close of a week (April 17-21, 2017) dedicated to “raising awareness of threats to publicly available data; exploring the power dynamics of data creation, sharing, and retention; and teaching ways to make endangered data more accessible and secure.”

In this webinar, we’ll dig below the headlines to talk about the current state of FOIA, the difference between “records” and “data,” and what, actually, is at risk in this current moment. Featuring presentations by Alex Howard of the Sunlight Foundation, Denice Ross from New America, and representatives from the National Archives FOIA Ombudsman’s Office.

dh+lib Readers may find this overview of the current situation helpful for engaging users of government data and documents in discussion and rescue activities at their institutions.

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This post was produced through a cooperation between Amber D'Ambrosio, Rebecca Dowson, Benedikt Kroll, John Meyerhofer, Liz Rodrigues, Jordan Sly, and Mary Vasudeva (Editors-at-large for the week), Roxanne Shirazi (Editor for the week), and Caitlin Christian-Lamb, Caro Pinto and Patrick Williams (dh+lib Review Editors).