POST: DIAGRAM Center Provides Guidance on Accessible Images

George Williams (University of South Carolina, Upstate) authored a post on ProfHacker about a resource he recently learned about during his institution’s project “to get all of our digital pedagogical resources to adhere to federal regulations regarding accessibility,” called the DIAGRAM Center (Digital Image and Graphic Resources for Accessible Materials). Williams highlights some of the most valuable resources:

Making Images Accessible: “[R]esources developed by the DIAGRAM Center to help content creators provide image descriptions.”

3D Printing, Tactiles and Haptics: “New technologies for creating tactiles and tactile experiences [to convey] spatial information”

Born Accessible Publishing: “[R]esources to help publishers and the myriad of other new, digital content creators understand the basics of how to make content born accessible”

Research projects: Descriptions of several different DIAGRAM Center research projects with links to examples, demos, and further information.

DIAGRAM Center will be of particular interest to GLAM professionals working on digital projects with an eye to accessibility and user experience.

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