POST: The Realities of Research Data Management

In a post on, Brian Lavoie (OCLC) announces the release of “A Tour of the Research Data Management (RDM) Service Space”, the first report in a series entitled “The Realities of Research Data Management” produced by OCLC Research. The series “explores the context and choices research universities face in building or acquiring RDM capacity,” and this first installment serves as an introduction.

RDM is both an opportunity and a challenge for many research universities. But research data management is not a discrete, well-defined service, and RDM solutions are not of the one-size-fits-all variety. Moving beyond recognition of RDM’s importance requires facing the realities of research data management. Each institution must shape its local RDM service offering by navigating several key inflection points: deciding to act, deciding what to do, and deciding how to do it. Future reports in this series will examine these decisions in the context of the choices made by the case study partners.

The additional reports in the series will be cover Scoping the Local RDM Service Offering, Understanding the Institutional Incentives for RDM Services, and Sourcing and Scaling RDM Services, and will be released on the OCLC Research website.

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