POST: Make it Work!: Starting a Makerspace in an Academic Library Phase 2

In a post at the ACRLog, Hannah Pope (Appalachian State University) follows up on the Makerspace opened in her library late last year (and covered in a previous post). In this second phase, Pope suggests a variety of ways for librarians to welcome and attract users into a space they may not quite know what to do with. Pope details the need to create a distinct academic mission for such a space:

While the opening was a success, there was a lot more than just putting up physical machines that went into creating the makerspace. In order to make the library into a place of knowledge creation, the makerspace needed to have a very distinct educational element. I attempted to create this by making use of both LibGuides and signage. The makerspace was divided into sections which had complimentary technology. Signs were then created with information that would both jump start projects as well as highlight safety concerns. These colorful signs made the space both educational and aesthetically pleasing. Because the makerspace in my library was created using an already available space and limited budget, it was important to pick and choose exactly what that money could be spent on.

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