EVENT: BitCurator Users Forum 2017

The BitCurator Users Forum 2017, on the theme of Digital Forensics: The Academic Library and Beyond, will take place April 27 and 28 at Northwestern University. The full program has been released and registration is open. More on the event:

Day 1 of the Forum will consist of two workshop tracks focusing on digital forensics and the BitCurator software environment for both novices and advanced users. The first track, Testing the BitCurator Waters, is aimed at exposing novice users to the environment in order to ensure that all attendees will have common reference points for the activities on day two. The second advanced track, Diving Deep with BitCurator, will feature discussions and problem-solving sessions around desired functionality, as well as workflow breakdowns and their potential solutions. Day 2 will be a mix of panel sessions, lightning talks, and birds of a feather discussions, covering a range of topics from software development, workflows and documentation, and ethics of forensics. We are looking forward to all of the exciting projects and ideas that will be generated during the Forum

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