CFP: Remaking Collections

The Open Library of Humanities (OLH) has released a call for papers for a special collection of articles that “will address emerging creative practices around digital collections” and “document current practice and theory through diverse case studies and articulate multidisciplinary understandings of the art, design, computing, heritage and humanities practices.” Potential topics include:

  • Experimental and speculative approaches to digital cultural collections
  • Generative and computational methods
  • Data visualisation for collections
  • Unsolicited interfaces and collection reskins
  • Large-scale creative reuse and adaptation
  • Challenges and rewards of scale – approaches to web scale collections
  • Innovation in collecting institutions – labs and collaborative models
  • Content mining and classification for creative outcomes
  • Tangible and site-specific approaches to collections
  • Place-based and localised digital heritage
  • Audience engagement and impact – the life of remade collections
  • Connecting collections: mashups, concordances and linked data
  • Authorship and agency – manual and algorithmic processes in collections practice
  • Political, critical and anti-narratives
  • Playful and poetic realisations
  • Design and research methodologies for remaking collections
  • Digital repercussions in the exhibition space

Abstracts are due May 15, 2017.

dh+lib Review

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