POST: Digital Humanities Training Opportunities and Challenges

Lee Skallerup Bessette (University of Mary Washington) authored a post on ProfHacker about training opportunities in the digital humanities. Citing the lack of low-cost, low barrier opportunities, Bessette shares the opportunities she compiled in 2015 and 2016 as well opportunities compiled in 2017 by Katherine D. Harris. Bessette touches on the debates around whether coding is the most prudent introduction to digital humanities as well as the complications around getting started in digital humanities:

Making things even more complicated are those of us who are working at public institutions that are beginning to limit where one can travel to, not to mention the very real fear about international travel. And to, once again, ask those who are on the ground doing the work in the classroom and organizing and outreach on their campuses to do even more free, unrecognized labor is abhorrent; this is the carework of academia writ large that goes uncompensated and often is even punished.

This seems like an awfully long rant to say, if you are able to participate in one of the many opportunities that exist to learn about and how to do Digital Humanities, please go back to your campuses and your communities to help share and grow this newfound knowledge. And if you are already doing it, thank you.


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