RESOURCE: Teaching Yourself to Code in DH 1

In “Teaching Yourself to Code in DH,” Scott Weingart (Carnegie Mellon University) has compiled an annotated list of “book-length introductions to analytic programming in DH.”

Weingart invited participation via Twitter and a Google spreadsheet as part of a larger project collecting humanities research methodologies. He then culled the most relevant from these to form an annotated list that includes subsections for Historical Analysis; Literary & Linguistic Analysis; General Digital Humanities; Statistical Methods & Machine Learning; and Data Visualization, Web Development & Related.

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​​This post was produced through a cooperation between​ ​Pamela Andrews, ​Pompilia Burcica, ​Brian Burns, ​Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara,​ Allison Ringness, Megan Martinsen, ​(Editors-at-large for the week), Roxanne Shirazi (Editor for the week), and Caitlin Christian-Lamb, Caro Pinto and Patrick Williams (dh+lib Review Editors).​ ​

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