CFP: First 3 Chapters of Theory and Craft of Digital Preservation for Comment

Trevor Owens (IMLS) has released a call for comments to the first three chapters of the book he’s writing for Johns Hopkins University Press, Theory & Craft of Digital Preservation.

At this point I have a full working rough draft of the book together and I’m getting to a point where it could really benefit from readers input and insights. To that end, I’m posting drafts of the first three chapters up as Google Docs which you should be able to comment on and suggest edits to. When I’ve posted drafts of essays like this in the past I’ve received fantastic comments that has helped me refine both my writing and my thinking. So now we will see if the same kind of thing works for a book.

I’m interested in any and all feedback and input, however, I’m particularly interested in any suggestions for work that I should be citing from women, people of color, and people from the majority world.  Much of the digital preservation and digital media studies literature I’m drawing from is (like many fields) very white, very male and U.S/Eurocentric and I’d like to be working against that not reinforcing it.

Owens follows with links, detailed overviews of each of the chapters open for comment, and their combined bibliography.

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