POST: FADGI’s 10th Anniversary: Adapting to Meet the Community’s Needs

Kate Murray (Library of Congress) has authored a guest post on the LoC blog The Signal, detailing changes to the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FAGDI) in its 10th year of operation. After describing some of the accomplishments FADGI has achieved in the past ten years (see a summary chart here), Murray introduces some of the updates:

FADGI 2.0 is now reborn as the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative. Same acronym that we’ve grown to love, same great people (now up to 20 federal agencies) now with a new logo, updated website and expanded scope. FADGI will still focus on determining performance measures for digitization and develop methods for validation, recommending methods for digitization and exploring sustainable digital formats for still image and audiovisual material. But we’ll add some new ingredients to the mix, including recommending methods for creating and maintaining sustainable born-digital material. One example of this revised scope is the Creating and Archiving Born Digital Video project, which includes high-level recommended practices (PDF) for file creators.

Murray goes on to discuss another new development: FADGI published guidelines now carry the CC0 1.0 Universal license, which will “declare unambiguously that the work is available for worldwide use and reuse.”

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