POST: Library/IT Partnerships with Campus Museums & Archivesā€ Executive Roundtable Report

The Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) released the report of the Fall 2016 Executive Roundtable:

The discussion covered a wide range of topicsĀ related to the development of institution-wide strategies for describing, managing, curating, enhancing access, preserving, and disseminating surrogates or born-digital representations of objects housed in those institutions, and ways in which these collections can be brought more effectively into the mainstream of teaching and research.

Ā The report concludes with a call to drive campus conversations about the impact of collaboration on digital projects beyond GLAM leadership and departmental strategic planning:

For libraries with campus museums and archives to make progress, itā€™s essential that senior leadership (e.g. provostial and presidential) understand both the needs and the potential payoffs from (at the least) greater collaboration and cooperation here. Itā€™s going to be important to seek strategic visions that span the campus.

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