RESOURCE: Institute-wide Task Force on the Future of Libraries

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology released their Institute-wide Task Force On the Future of Libraries report.  The task force, comprised of 30 people representing faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff were divided into three working groups: Community and Relationships, Discovery and Use, and Stewardship and Sustainability. Collectively, they offer a vision for the libraries, “using the MIT’s iconic Great Dome, open to the world, to symbolize the global platform we will build.” The Task Force offers ten recommendations and offers a platform for the community to generate discussion.

Community and relationships, discovery and use, stewardship and sustainability, and research and development are the pillars that undergird the open global platform we seek to build. The openness of our platform and our commitment to a library that is interactive, responsive, and collaborative are embodied in our call for MIT and the world to hack the library. The success of our vision for the MIT Libraries will be realized through the creative ways in which scholars and global users exploit our resources, tools, services, spaces, and expertise to accelerate science and knowledge in the service of solving the world’s greatest challenges.

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