RESOURCE: DHCommons Journal, 2016

DHCommons has released their second publication, and announced an expanded remit that can include completed as well as mid-stage projects, and that future publications will be published on a rolling schedule:

We have also reconsidered our publishing schedule as we felt that the digital-only nature of DHCommons meant it no longer needed to be tied to temporal models of the print journal — going forward, content for reviews and the ‘How Did They Make That?’ section (which still continues to be very popular!) will be published on a rolling schedule, which will enable to us to get more content out on a more regular basis. Issues will be archived annually, and specific calls for papers will still be in place, in order to create themed clusters, so please do contact us if you have any specific topics you’d like to see represented.

The 2016 edition so far includes:

Creating a Public History Website on a Shoestring Budget with Limited Tech Literacy: The Starkville Civil Rights Project

Sustainable & Accessible Interactive Documentary Storytelling Without Heavy Coding: The Story of the Stuff

The Women’s Print History Project, 1750-1836

You Can Read the Comments Section Again: The Faciloscope App and Automated Rhetorical Analysis

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