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The Educopia Institute has released a set of six Guidance Briefs on the curation and preservation of electronic theses and dissertations as part of their ETDplus project:

These Guidance Briefs have been authored by the ETDplus project team as short (3-4 page) “how-to” oriented briefs that will help ETD/IR programs build and nurture supportive relationships with student researchers.

These briefs are open, editable documents that colleges and universities can use to assist their own student researchers in understanding data and content management techniques early in their careers.

In addition to providing actionable, easy-to-follow advice about how to organize, store, and protect their research files, these Guidance Briefs help students recognize how their own content management practices will impact the credibility, replicability, and long-term accessibility of their findings. This knowledge and skills will impact the health of their careers for years to come.

Anyone can download, edit, and use the Guidance Briefs using the links on this page. A forthcoming workshop series featuring these Briefs and geared toward student audiences will also be available to ETD programs in early 2017. The Guidance Briefs are available as Word documents on the left hand side of this page, and as RTF files linked below.

Data Organization
File Formats
Version Control

The briefs provide student researchers, librarians, and archivists who are new to working with ETDs and other complex digital objects with some practical templates for training.

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