PROJECT: CWRC / CSÉC (Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory / Le Collaboratoire scientifique des écrits du Canada)

Geoffrey Rockwell (University of Alberta) wrote about the launch of The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC) / Le Collaboratoire scientifique des écrits du Canada (CSÉC), describing CWRC / CSÉC’s support for various digital scholarly editing projects and acknowledging CWRC Project Leader Susan Brown’s role in conceptualizing and managing the effort:

The Collaboratory is a distributed editing environment that allows projects to edit scholarly electronic texts (using CWRC Writer), manage editorial workflows, and publish collections. There are also links to other tools like CWRC Catalogue and Voyant (that I am involved in.) There is an impressive set of projects already featured in CWRC, but it is open to new projects and designed to help them…

One important component in CWRC is CWRC-Writer, an in-browser XML editor that can be hooked into content management systems like the CWRC back-end. It allows for stand-off markup and connects to entity databases for tagging entities in standardized ways.

CWRC / CSÉC can provide a possible model for librarians and archivists interested in starting and supporting collaborative digital humanities initiatives.

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