CFP: Histories of Digital Labor, Past and Present

Shawna Ross and Andrew Pilsch (both Texas A&M University) have issued a call for proposals for an edited collection, Histories of Digital Labor, Past and Present:

This edited collection will not only continue to uncover … occluded histories, but also will interrogate our definitions of and assumptions about labor, effort, merit, and reward structures as they relate to new digital conditions of work. Who does the labor, what kind of labor is it, and what were the conditions of that labor? How was that labor attributed (or not), compensated (or not), rewarded (or not), and remembered (or not)? … What matters most is that each submission reconstructs a compelling narrative of occluded labor and allows that narrative to generate a new definition or approach to work in the digital age.

Abstracts are due January 31, 2017.

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