CFP: Digital Humanities Centres: Experiences and Perspectives

The Digital Humanities Laboratory at the University of Warsaw is hosting a two-day conference on “Digital Humanities Centres: Experiences and Perspectives.” The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO), the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH EU), Poland’s┬áMinistry of Science and Higher Education, Poland’s┬áMinistry of Digital Affairs, and the Committee of Linguistics of the Polish Academy of Sciences are supporting the event.┬áFrom the announcement:

Digital Humanities research always takes place within a specific institutional context, which is constituted by both science system and its societal environment. DH centres, which are being launched all over the world, have therefore to face a number of challenges in order to function effectively and fulfill the potential of DH. The conference “Digital Humanities Centres: Experiences and PerspectivesÔÇŁ will be an opportunity to share experiences and reflect on the perspectives of DH institutions. The consideration of different aspects of DH centres activities from various points of view will hopefully enable participants to come with new ideas and solutions useful in they day-to-day work.

The conference will be held December 8-9 in Warsaw, Poland. Abstracts are due September 23. Possible topics include:

  • institutional and organizational structures;
  • institutional strategies and policies;
  • science management;
  • funding schemes;
  • collaboration with business and industry;
  • collaboration with cultural institutions;
  • international collaboration on an institutional level;
  • infrastructure and e-infrastructure;
  • dissemination and PR activities.

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