CFP: IIPC 2017 Web Archiving Conference, Lisbon 29-30 March 2017

From the announcement:

Web archiving efforts have now been underway for over twenty years, generating an expanding core of data crucial for present and future explorations of human political, cultural, economic and social activity since the mid 1990s. Practices around both the creation and use of web archives are rapidly evolving. What technical, ethical, and institutional approaches are necessary to advance use of web archives for scholarship and other use cases? How are researchers using the archived web right now, and in which new directions is that research heading? What innovations, collaborations, and adaptations are necessary to sustain the efficacy of web archiving?

The 2017 Web Archiving Conference (WAC), held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), aims to bring together practitioners, librarians, archivists, historians, humanists, computer scientists, and other parties interested in expanding and harnessing the potential of preserved web heritage.

We welcome proposals on a broad range of topics, including from the following examples:


§ Research using web archives

§ Tools and approaches

§ Initiatives, platforms, and collaborations

§ User-driven curation

§ Ethical and compliant research use

§ Interdisciplinary collaboration


§ Harvesting, preservation, and/or access

§ Collection development

§ Legal and ethical concerns

§ Programmatic organization and management

§ New/updated tools for any part of the lifecycle

§ Application programming interfaces (APIs)

§ Current and future landscape

Proposals may be submitted for any of the following formats:

§ Individual presentation for a 30-minute session (i.e., 20 minutes for presentation plus 10 minutes for questions);

§ Moderated discussion or multi-presentation panel for a 60-minute session;

§ Moderated discussion or multi-presentation panel for a 90-minute session; or

§ Poster with accompanying lightning talk.

Time will additionally be reserved in the schedule for the proposal of lightning talks much closer to the event to allow for more timely sharing of recent updates.

The deadline for submissions is 20 October 2016.

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