POST: There’s a New Whale in Town

Hugh Cayless (Duke University) has written a post introducing CETEIcean, a new JavaScript library he developed with Raff Viglianti (MITH) to display unmodified TEI documents using HTML5:

Instead of transforming TEI XML into HTML for rendering in a browser, it does a 1::1 conversion of the XML into HTML Custom Elements. In practice what that means is that TEI tags, e.g. <text>, get turned into tags that look like <tei-text> and these can be registered with the browser so that it treats them as HTML. What this enables, in browsers that support it, is for the appearance and function of elements to be customized using CSS and JavaScript.

CETEIcean differs from other methods of rendering TEI in browsers, such as John Walsh’s TEI Boilerplate, because it does not require XSLT transformations.

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