RECOMMENDED: Debates in the Digital Humanities 2016

Editors Matthew K. Gold (The Graduate Center, CUNY)  and Lauren F. Klein (Georgia Institute of Technology) have released the revised edition of Debates in the Digital Humanities

Pairing full-length scholarly essays with shorter pieces drawn from scholarly blogs and conference presentations, as well as commissioned interviews and position statements, Debates in the Digital Humanities 2016 reveals a dynamic view of a field in negotiation with its identity, methods, and reach. Pieces in the book explore how DH can and must change in response to social justice movements and events like #Ferguson; how DH alters and is altered by community college classrooms; and how scholars applying DH approaches to feminist studies, queer studies, and black studies might reframe the commitments of DH analysts.

Like its 2013 predecessor, the new open-access digital edition of the volume allows for readers to annotate, share, and contribute.

The dh+lib audience may be particularly interested in Jonathan Senchyne’s chapter “Between Knowledge and Metaknowledge: Shifting Disciplinary Borders in Digital Humanities and Library and Information Studies.”

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