CFP: International Digital Humanities Symposium (Växjö, Sweden)

From the call:

Recent developments in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and interactive applications are creating new social tools and conditions for people to connect and interact; therefore changing the ways we communicate, socialize and collaborate. These new forms of digital enhanced communication and collaboration have been rapidly adopted and integrated into people’s everyday lives. Understanding the nature and consequences of these new interactions and social transformations is crucial if we want to design and shape a better future where digital technologies become an integral component of our life. One major challenge we have identified is the exploration of the two-way interactions between society and ICT with a focus on the Humanities. This particular orientation has the potential to become a key success factor for the values and competitiveness of many Nordic countries having in mind recent EU and Swedish political discussions in the field of Digital Humanities.

This International Digital Humanities Symposium will take place in Växjö, Sweden, 7-8 November. The symposium invites and challenges Nordic and European researchers and practitioners in related disciplines to Digital Humanities (DH) to present, discuss and demonstrate different possibilities, current efforts and upcoming trends in this emergent field.

The deadline for proposals is Friday, 16 September 2016.

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